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Hong Kong University Education Alumni Association

Graduates from the Faculty of Education, HKU are also invited to enroll in the Hong Kong University Education Alumni Association (HKUEdAA).

HKUEdAA was established in 2004 when celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Faculty, it strives to:
• maintain and promote networking and friendship
• organise educational, recreational, social, cultural and community services activities
• further the interests and professionalism amongst members
• provide assistance to students and graduates

Executive Committee, 2016 – 2018

President : Ms Chow Lo Sai, Pauline ( )
Vice President : Dr Leung Sui Man, Anita ( )
Professor Winnie Cheng ( )
Secretary : Ms Chan Tat Ki, Mandy ( )
Treasurer : Mr Ngan Lung, Eric ( )
Professional Coordinator : Mr Hung Chiu Chee, Cary ( )
Mrs Chan Tsang Kin Lok, Sophia ( )
Social Convenor : Mr Yick Tak Ming, Luke ( )
Ms Tsang Yuk Ping, Maggie ( )
Mr Tin Wan Pong ( )
Immediate Past President  : Mr Ng Ka Ming ( )
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