Keynote Speakers
Title: Enhancing teachers’ competencies through professional development: the Singapore journey
Date: March 9, 2018 (Friday)
Time: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm
Venue: Rayson Huang Theatre, The University of Hong Kong
Keynote Speaker: Mrs CHUA-LIM Yen Ching
Deputy Director-General of Education (Professional Development) and
Executive Director
Academy of Singapore Teachers
Ministry of Education, Singapore

In high-performing education systems around the world, teachers are not only key in delivering and improving educational outcomes, but also at the centre of the improvement efforts themselves. This is why the Singapore Ministry of Education emphasises quality professional development (PD) of our teachers to achieve the vision of Thinking Schools, Learning Nation. It is critical to continue to support the ongoing PD of Singapore teachers so that they can engage every student cognitively and affectively, as well as to bring about a joy of learning.

Mrs Chua-Lim Yen Ching will share Singapore’s journey in preparing and equipping our teachers to educate future-ready global citizens anchored in values. She will share on the various modes of effective PD – what works, why, when and how – in Singapore, as well as the key stakeholders in PD. There is a constant need to re-imagine teacher professional development and be forward-looking in an evolving educational landscape.

About the Speaker

Mrs Chua-Lim Yen Ching is the Executive Director, Academy of Singapore Teachers and Deputy Director-General of Education (Professional Development), Ministry of Education, Singapore. She has 35 years of experience as a teacher, school principal of 3 schools and policy maker. From 1998 to 2002, she reviewed and developed primary to pre-university curricula for mathematics, science, technical and physical education as Deputy Director of the Sciences Branch and took on the role as Director of Curriculum Planning and Development Division from 2011-2013. In 2006, she was the founding principal of NorthLight School, a school that offers an enhanced vocational education programme to students who are more suited for an application-based education. She was awarded the Public Administration Medal Bronze and Silver in 1999 and 2007 respectively in recognition of her service to education. In 2009, she also received the Outstanding Science Alumni award from the National University of Singapore.